beech wind press

from Beech Wind Press
A beautiful collection of photographs and poetry
from renowned landscape photographer Dency Kane and poet Madelyn Edelson
Publication Date: February 2014



The pathways of life, varied and surprising, bear us on our way inexorably. Tantalizing glimpses around each bend draw us on, cause us to hesitate, or startle us into a new consciousness.

Each poem in this book interprets a piece of a pathway. Each picture reflects the possibilities inherent in each poem.

Focusing on the world within the frame of a photograph or on the imagery of a poem enables us to shut out the images that bombard us daily, and allows us to settle down with words and pictures to wonder at the worlds they unfold.


$35 in hard cover

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Beech Wind Press is proud to offer
these two strikingly original folk tales for children
by award-winning author
Madelyn Edelson
with exquisite illustrations by folk artist
Diane Tucker


Each book $14.95 in soft cover

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