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Index of Photographs

All photographs © copyright by Dency Kane


Path to the beach Path to the Beach
Ocean Dunes, Amagansett, New York
  Contrast Contrast
Private garden, Lititz, Pennsylvania
  Reflection Reflection
Matterhorn Nursery, Spring Valley, New York
Waterways Waterways
Private garden, Memphis, Tennessee
  Inheritance Inheritance
Private garden, Stephens, Georgia
  The Japanese Garden The Japanese Garden
John Humes Stroll Garden, Oyster Bay, New York
Cherry Blossom Time Cherry Blossom Time
Montreal Botanic Garden, Quebec, Canada
  The Shed of Dreams The Shed of Dreams (and front cover)
Private garden, Hamden, New York
  Steppingstones Steppingstones
Wave Hill, Bronx, New York
The Wall The Wall
Chanticleer Gardens, Wayne Pennsylvania
  The Labyrinth The Labyrinth
Retreat Center, Northern California
  The Hanging Garden The Hanging Garden
Long Island garden, New York
The Bridge of Sighs The Bridge of Sighs
Private garden, Connecticut
  Escape Escape
Wave Hill, Bronx, New York
  The Swing The Swing
Private garden, Stephens, Georgia
Through the Picture Frame Through the Picture Frame
Dallas Botanical Garden, Dallas, Texas
  Tunnel Vision Tunnel Vision
Private garden, Seaside, Florida
  In the Frame In the Frame
Keukenhof Gardens, Lisse, The Netherlands
An October Walk An October Walk (and back cover)
Woods in Williamsville, Vermont
  Composition Composition
Central Park, New York, New York
  Nature's Cathedral Nature's Cathedral
Woods in Williamsville, Vermont
And the goblins will get you "And the goblins will get you if you don't watch out"
Bailey Arboretum, Lattingtown, New York
  Toward Home Toward Home
Private garden, Baltimore, Maryland
  Two Roads Two Roads
Wave Hill, Bronx, New York
Change and Interchange Change and Interchange
Montrose Garden, Hillsborough, North Carolina
  A Changing Landscape A Changing Landscape
Horse pasture, Lexington, Kentucky
  Birch Branching Birch Branching
Planting Fields Arboretum, Oyster Bay, New York
Retouched Retouched
Private walkway, Huntington, New York
  Unfolding Unfolding
Private garden, Huntington, New York
  The Gateway The Gateway
Lloyd Harbor, New York
Trapped Trapped:
Carefree Desert Gardens, Carefree, Arizona
  Beyond the Ridge Beyond the Ridge
The Boulders, Carefree, Arizona
  Diurnal Change Diurnal Change
Huntington Harbor, New York
All photographs © copyright by Dency Kane

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