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"The Little Wind"
A tale of a young winter wind who doesn't understand that when spring comes, it is
time for him to retreat to the north, Madelyn Edelson's "The Little Wind" evokes a child's
wonder at the forces of nature. Every page contains rich color illustrations like the one below
in the characteristic folk-art style of artist Diane Tucker. Ideal for children ages five to eight.


"The Proud Beech"
The original collaboration between author Madelyn Edelson and illustrator Diane Tucker,
"The Proud Beech: A Long Island Folk Tale" tells the story of a beautiful old tree about to
be destroyed to widen a highway, only to be saved by a group of children. The book is
about everyone's responsibility to protect our precious natural heritage. It is also
a perfect complement to the study of local history. Ideal for children ages eight to 11.


Each book is $14.95 in soft cover. Order Now!

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